VVVV.js turns 1.0

Three and a half years ago the VVVV.js project made its first public appearence. Since then, VVVV.js has evolved from an experimental toy into a great tool for prototyping and creating rich user interfaces, data visualisations, animations and more — VVVV.js grew up.

With version 1.0 being released today, VVVV.js introduces the built-in, cross-platform patch editor, which allows you to work on patches without the need of even launching the native VVVV application. The patch editor, the VVVV.js core, the integration mechanisms and the underlying API work together in a great way, and form a solid base for future releases.

Feeling all grown up, VVVV.js also moved out the attic of its parents place (aka vvvvjs.quasiparikel.at), to its own fancy place, here at www.vvvvjs.com. This new streamlined website delivers more information about VVVV.js, a more prominent blog for updates and a dedicated section for guides and howtos.

Being grown up also often means having to make some money. This is why we are giving you the opportunity to actually buy your copy of VVVV.js if you feel like it — you decide how much it should be.

Try it out, nothing to lose, we hope you enjoy it. As always, there is the Forum if you are looking for help.

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