If you are interested in contributing to the project, there are many ways you can. There are a couple of hot topics to be tackled, like And of course, there are many other nodes and shaders waiting to be ported from VVVV to VVVV.js.


VVVV.js' sourcecode is available on Github. These guidelines will help you to integrate your nodes, fixes and other contributions.

Where to put your nodes?

Each node belongs to one or more categories. For example, `GetSlice (Spreads)` belongs to the _Spreads_ category, while `GetSlice (String)` belongs to the _String_ category. Place the nodes in the corresponding category file in VVVV.js' `nodes/` subdirectory, e.g. `nodes/vvvv.nodes.spreads.js` or `nodes/vvvv.nodes.string.js`. If there's no file for your node's category, just create it and add it to the list in `vvvv.js`. Also, make sure to fill out the meta data, like your name and to give credit to other sources.

Adding third party libraries

Add third party libraries to the `lib` folder and register them as described in `thirdparty.js`. This way, VVVV.js only loads the libraries, if a dependent node is used.

Coding Style

Please keep the coding style aligned with the rest of the code, and use 2-space indentation.
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