VVVV.js inline Node-Code-Editor

VVVV.js 1.1 comes with a built-in code editor, which allows you to code your own nodes easily. Open the patch below to see how it works: it contains a DefineNode node. This is used to create a node, which does not yet exist in VVVV.js: GetNearest. You can right-click the DefineNode node, to open the code editor and edit its source code directly. You don't even have to reload the page after you made changes.

Open Patch Editor

The custom GetNearest node solves a problem, which otherwise would be clumsy to implement using VVVV's spread arithmetics – just because of its lack of classic loops. It is a good example of a combination of VVVV.js' out-of-the-box graphics utilities, and custom logic written in JavaScript. Getting and combining the best of both worlds.
Read more about the Node-Code-Editor in this more detailed blog post on the VVVV.js website.